Friday, November 25, 2011

Le Poisson Rouge

This is one of these times when you do not plan on going to a restaurant and then change your mind at the last moment and of course end up having an absolutely phenomenal meal.

I am talking about Le Poisson Rouge in the tiny French coastal town, Port-Vendres. I went there this summer in June.

Another one of these 'you've got to know where you're going' places. For starters, it is not in the town so as a tourist you will not stumble upon it. Secondly, to get there you first need to drive in the direction of an industrial port and just when you are convinced that you are completely lost the road gets even smaller and goes through a tunnel - which is a two way tunnel but accommodates only one car - and you think that as soon as you get out the other end you'll turn around and try to find the correct way. But instead, you arrive!

The restaurant focuses on fish. No surprise, really, given the name. It is conveniently and appropriately also located on the sea, next to a small beach, giving it a very nice atmosphere and beautiful views.

me and my baby going for a swim after the meal...coincidentally this photo
nicely shows the view from the restaurant 

For the life of me, I wish I could remember what I ate. I only remember that it was delicious! And beautifully served. On the picture below you can see my relatives getting excited as the desserts arrive. Also delicious.

Look it up on the Internet and if you happen to go to Port-Vendres, then I do recommend you try to find this restaurant. You will not regret it...your wallet might...but you will not.

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