Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Restaurant Pata Negra

This is a review that is old old old. Last time I was in the restaurant was in the beginning of 2013...uups. You can see that I am very late sorting through my photos. Lots has happened since. But no excuses anymore.

I quickly checked Tripadvisor today to see whether there are still reviews about this place and it seems people have a love-hate relationship with the restaurant. I loved it. It had lots of character and good food. Granted, even I remember glitches about the service but we did not mind.

So, if you are looking for nice tapas bar in Amsterdam go to Pata Negra. It appears that they now have three locations. Check out their website for directions HERE.

It's rough. Maybe not the place for a fancy dinner as this really is not the place for a fancy dinner. It is a place to go with kids during the daytime and good friends who like to be loud in the evening.

I do not have many photos of the food but here is an example of calamari rings and creme brulee.

Both were absolutely delicious.

We had a great time!