Monday, October 14, 2013

A cafe for eating pies

Due to my looming international move I have been forced to sort through the pile of magazine cut outs. I stumbled upon an article about a pie restaurant from an estonian women's magazine Anne and Stiil. I have kept this article as I love the classical estonian and russian pies. Next time in Estonia this place is on my list of places to be checked out.

Cafe Nikolay

They have restaurants/ cafes in Moscow and Kiev and now also in Tallinn.

I wish they would deliver abroad....

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Duck Race

Luxembourg is a place with a lot of activities. Some might seem rather strange to the innocent tourist or expatriate who happen to be in this country. Most are however activities that one should participate in at least once to make their stay in Luxembourg really local.

In April you have the change to take part in the Duck Race, first held in 2002, where thousands of bath ducks 'swim' down the Petrusse in Luxembourg City. It is a nice event usually starting around lunchtimewith of course vendors for cremant, beer, snacks ... some entertainment ... and then the grand finale!

You can purchase a duck (or several) to participate. They are all gathered together and then released.
Here they come! 

Excited onlookers

The ducks are numbered 

and the duck that reaches the finish line first wins a prize. As far as I know, the profits go to a good cause.  

More information about current year's event can be found by searching online for Luxembourg Duck Race...