Thursday, September 6, 2012

Silves restaurant

You see, I was on holiday...and this is why, for the first time in 6 months I had a chance to read How To Spend It completely with all the detail.

Sure enough, there was an article about the 2 Michelin star restaurants in Portugal...but these were not the ones that interest me. I am much more curios to visit the place the author mentioned in the very end of his article. Silves and the restaurant Restaurante Marisqueira Casa Velha - apparently a typical portuguese place with superb seafood. He recommends the wreckfish aka stone bass.

Will report back once I get my feet into Portugal.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Another one for the wish list - Marseille - Mama Shelter

I am trying to eliminate the newspaper cutouts in my household as they are making me claustrophobic. So here is another wish list entry - again from FT's How To Spend It.

Marseille - accommodation: Mama Shelter Marseille. Check out their website! Inviting! and still in my price range too - as there are plenty of other fabulous accommodations featured but way out of by price range and until now will stay out of my wish list.

Anyways, apparently, according to FT HTSI the lobby has a 4m long table-football game for up to 18 people.

And there is a Mama Shelter Paris too.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sirolo - Restaurant La Cambusa

We ate here 4 nights out of 7. The three other nights we thought to try other restaurants and were utterly disappointed.

This place is not on the main piazza but on a side street. It is a small and lovely place with a few tables and a familial atmosphere. I must admit that there are restaurants in Sirolo with a nicer view as Sirolo is on top of a cliff overlooking the sea and La Cambusa sadly is not one of these restaurants. We did not mind. I prefer good food and good service over a view. We tried these 'restaurants with a view' too and we only liked the view. The area and streets around La Cambusa gave an insights to the lives of the local italians - you could hear the telegiornale (news) from an open window, two houses over an family set the table in front of their house to eat outside, the doors and windows were open and for the evening you felt as if you were not dining in a restaurant with your family but you were part of the entire town.

In addition, in La Cambusa the service was excellent.

We have been a bit weary lately with our 2 year old to go to restaurants. He eats nicely and never demands "kids menu" but ... keeping him sitting for c.2 hours plus is a challenge. La Cambusa gave us a nice table (that became "our" table) at the end of the street and L. was free to roam around the streets nearby as the center is closed to traffic.

During the course of these four evenings we had a chance to try out quite a large selection of their menu. We liked it all. My italian husband said that there was one food that was not excellent, but admitted that he was at fault for ordering it as he should have known that there was a ban on fishing in the region and the fish he ordered is good only is caught and cooked on the same day. Everything else, excellent!

I do not know exactly how to express my gratitude towards La Cambuso. Eating is such an important part of our lives and we enjoy eating out and we were afraid that L would not allow us this luxury over the holidays (God knows we have been trying to educate him on restaurant behaviour - but...). We try and we try and often you go to restaurants and yes, they have a child seat, and yes, they have a children's menu (the purpose of which escapes me) but the looks on their faces when you come in with a kid say it all: "PLEASE GO!". However, La Cambusa was not like that. OK, they did not have a child seat but they were welcoming, they thought of ways to make our lives easier (location of our table - cleaning L's fish before bringing it to the table) and they made our holiday that much better as eating out was an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

I highly recommend. The address is Via Cialdini 13, Sirolo, Italy. And the only way I could think to thank them was to write a raving review on Tripadvisor!

Here are some photos:

Our table:

The food:
L eating fried rosmarine

My absolute favourite!

Paris - to do

I love reading the FT Weekend How To Spend It section.

I love the pretty things even though they have a price tag that is way out of my reach and sometimes I really wonder, who are these people who are buying these. Mostly I love the fact that even though the magazine is all about the best of the best, it is still humble.

One of my favourite sections of the magazine is Perfect Weekend and I am linking here Pierre Herme's Paris perfect weekend as I want to remember the places he talks about for next time we go to Paris. Enjoy.