Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Apple picking at Steinsel

One good thing about Luxembourg (among others) is the proximity of nature. You do not have to drive far to already be in a forest, near a lake or river. Another place to go in the autumn is the gardens in Steinsel. (google: Les vergers de Steinsel). For three weekends a year (usually in October) the gardens are open and you can go and pick apples, plus or pears. You pay by the kg you pick. If you forget your bags you can buy a carton box there for your apples. 

They usually have also jams, honey, apple juice, cakes, chips, pumpkins, liquors, etc for sale on site. Take cash! 

Enjoy! A lovely day out enjoyed by both old and young! 

 Over 25,000 trees

Carts are available to lug your apples and little ones around

12 different varieties of apples


Monday, October 3, 2016

Fiskebar in Antwerpen

In 2012 in November (c.4 years ago as I am writing this) we did a small road trip in Belgium to Bruges and Antwerpen. I did not find any places to rave about in Bruges but I did enjoy a very nice dinner in a restaurant in Antwerpen called Fiskebar. I have checked the more recent reviews now and as they are still good, I figured I would jot down our experience quickly too. 

Marnixplaats 11
2000 Antwerpent
tel: 032571357

We like lively venues and this was just that. It also got livelier as the night went on, which was absolutely lovely. The ambiance was of a wine bar/ cosy restaurant. Rather dark but not too much. Not too fancy. Relaxing. The staff was great! 

We started with a plate of oysters and some nice white wine. 

Then we got guessed it! Fish! 

It was not revolutionary but it was well prepared and cooked and the flavours worked together. We loved the restaurant! 

would love to go back to see how it is now.