Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yes, another one of Paris...we just spent the weekend there...and we ate. And we ate well. This one is called derrière (at 69, rue des Gravilliers). In English: behind, backside, bottom...go to their website HERE and you are greeted by one.

P booked this place for us for Sunday brunch but it is also open for dinners, however it was impossible to get a dinner reservation on such short notice. I loved the place. The interior design makes it feel as if it was someone's home, complete with a dining room, living room, bedroom, etc. In the bedroom the tables are actually around the bed and you sit on the bed...

To find the place is a little bit tricky - another one of those "you need to know where you are going" places. The entrance is just a normal Paris door with no sign whatsoever for a restaurant. You push the large green door, your heart this the right place? or am i breaking and entering? But fear not! Usually the door is open...

And as soon as you enter, you are in a wonderful courtyard. I must say, we went without our 1.5y old boy but it did seem that it would be an easy place to go to with children.

But we had booked a place inside. We were early - basically they were just opening when we arrived. And I was disappointed as they seated us, in nice big soft armchairs, but next to the entrance to the back room and next to the coffee makers...and juicers. Also, there were teeny tiny pieces of glass on one of the seats so we asked to change the table. It was not a problem and we got a nice table in the middle of the room. They persistently seated any couple who arrived in this horrible table that they first wanted us to sit at...I cannot understand why!?!? the second couple who was seated there actually left the restaurant...the third also asked to change the table and the fourth couple who unluckily got the table was stuck as by then the rest of the place was full. A word of the wise - when you book - ask either for a table upstairs (in the bedroom...wink wink:)) or the table next to the ping-pong table (where we sat)...just maybe say, that you do not want to sit next to the coffee maker!!! In all honesty, I think they should just get rid of that table and people would be happier all around!

Anyway, I am losing my thoughts here....

But here you see where we ended up sitting and a place we liked! Also you get a glimpse of the wonderful eclectic interior design.

Here is the coffee maker and juicers...

But let's get to the important part: food! The brunch menu is 35euros and consists of unlimited buffet, 1 cold drink, 1 hot drink, 1 starter and 1 main course.

P started with a mixed salad and I ordered melon. Ahhh, the wonderful taste! I honestly just expected pieces of melon but they completely surprised me by bringing melon that had been marinated in rose pepper and I believe rose oil and I have no idea what else. But the taste for me was completely new, interesting and unforgettable.

My main were roasted ribs and salad. Again, it did not disappoint. And then we raided the buffet. We were actually completely full by then but the buffet table was OH, SO PRETTY, and the huge selection of cakes and pastries and fruit was so welcoming that we completely buried ourselves under it. The food looked pretty but it also tasted good. So good that as I am writing this I can feel my mouth watering.To drink we both got fresh grapefruit juice and coffees.

The buffet

And finally...I often judge a restaurant by the facilities...and again, 'the behind' did not disappoint. See for yourself. Is this not just lovely?

A place to return. I want to find out what their dinner menu is like!!!

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