Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boos Cafe

Finally a post about my current home country: Luxembourg. My mom was here so we had a babysitter and my wonderful husband took me out for a Sunday brunch. Just me and him and great cafe with amazing atmosphere and good food. The place is called: the Boos Cafe and it is located in Luxembourg, in the town Bridel at 31 Biergerkraitz - that's a mouthful to pronounce. It in the middle of the forest, really. Check out and you get a nice feel for what the place looks like in the summer. This was my first visit there and  middle of November hardly counts as summer so I missed out on the beach feel that they advertise. Apparently in the summer they create a beach club complete with white sand (unknown where they find it), lounge chairs, BBQ, etc. The beach is sorely missed in the country of Luxembourg and anyone trying to bring any beach-like feeling is welcome in my eyes. I can see how this would make an amazing hangout place in the summer:

However, I must say that they worked wonders creating a winter wonderland too. The restaurant was decorated for Christmas but in a beautifully understated way. the fireplace, the all-white tables, chairs, benches, walls, floors, lamb skins and blankets...complete with a frost like decoration that made you feel like you were in a Nordic winter house.

The buffet

Near the fireplace

Restaurant area

I did not want to leave. I did wish they would serve Glogg. That I did not find, but the food on offer was fantastic. Really, anything you could wish for - from British breakfast with sausages and beans to american chicken wings to eggs done any style you choose to sushi, pancakes, salads, etc.etc.etc.

Some examples form our plates:

I cannot say a single bad word about this place. Before going there I heard that it is super expensive (the brunch was 30 euros per person + drinks) but compared to London, Paris, NY, was not. And the food was good. Even more importantly, the service was good. I also heard that it is place to "see and be seen"...yes, there was some Gucci and Burberry around but nothing too extravagant. And it was actually quite nice to see young people (with families) looking pretty and dressed nicely enjoying a calm Sunday brunch. I shall return, and will take others with me!

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