Friday, January 29, 2016

Desert near Al Wathba

On a windy Saturday morning (Jan 2016) we drove to desert which is actually pretty much inside Abu Dhabi. It is a unique place where the wind has created amazing structures from the sand. The location is approximately where the red dot is:

The route we took was a little bit different than that of the map... Basically when driving from Abu Dhabi you need to go up to the Military Airfield which is surrounded with a green moat. After that finishes you turn immediately to the right. You will have a wired fence on both sides but you will drive in and you need to drive on asphalt road until a fork from where you need to turn right. You go up a tiny hill and straight after that on your left is a large flat area. Now you need to go offroad into that and at the end of the flat area you will find what I will show below. Pure beauty!

Recommended. I still cannot believe that this is only 1h away from where I live! We were there with a sandstorm and it was still amazing. Although I can imagine that the play of light and shadows will be even more phenomenal without the wind and the sand. I want to visit early morning or sunset.

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