Saturday, May 25, 2013

2 concept stores in Paris

We are building our first apartment. So far our moto has been: "to rent means to remain free" but the property ownership bug reached us too and we caved in. This also means that I regularly dig out my Elle Decoration magazines to get new ideas and also just to unwind and hope that someday maybe (if the construction company does not screw up) we will also have a beautiful home.

In February's ED I found a reference to a concept store in Paris. So far I have visited Merci, which I absolutely adore and now the magazine recommends also Caravane. I cannot wait to visit. Their website is very promising but there is no reference on the website to the address that the magazine refers to: 6, rue Pavée, Paris. Now I have to go and find out...

Some photos from in front of Merci from 2012:

My father-in-law with my son

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