Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shop: Restored

The estonian speakers who read my other blog will not be surprised when I say: I love Amsterdam! I do indeed! It is because of Amsterdam that I am writing a business plan and looking hopefully into the future, albeit moving slowly, but still hopefully.

In Amsterdam there are also some of my favorite new shops, one of them being RESTORED. They have a nice online presence too at It is a beautiful little space on Haarlemmerdijk and you can get completely lost in just a few sqm. For me it has been a great find and a place I return to every time I am in Amsterdam.

They have a wonderful selection of 'things they like' from clothes to interior design to books and magazines and it is there that I discovered one of my new favorite magazines: Anthology ( I just wish they would sell this also in a place that would be more accessible to me. You lucky people of US and UK. I am jealous! I cannot be travelling to Amsterdam just to buy the next issue...can I?

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